Edge Profiles

Edge profiles add an additional decorative element to your countertops. We have a variety to choose from, and we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your sense of style.

      • Square Edge: Sometimes, less is more. This classic edge comes free with the price per square ft. of stone. It is a clean, modern look that goes with any style of décor!
      • Pencil Edge: This is a singular edge that brings a distinguished and contemporary look. Its flat edges provide an exquisite look to any project. Our pencil edge works perfectly in either a modern or traditional kitchen.
      • Bevel ½ Edge: The half-inch bevel edge gives character, as well as softens the look of the stone. Its smooth angle blends the edge of your kitchen or vanity countertops nicely, creating a curve and removing hard edges and definition. This edge is largely used in traditional projects, but suits wonderfully in a contemporary kitchen as well.
      • Half Moon Edge: The Half Moon edge is very smooth and flowing; it shows a flat top and bottom, with a radius of 22 degrees in the middle. This rounded edge gives a finished look to every sophisticated project.
      • Half Bullnose Edge: This is a smooth and fluid edge profile, which shows a little bit of curve, making it escape from the overly traditional look. It gives to the countertop a polished and sleek look with a comfortable feel.
      • Full Bullnose Edge: Full Bullnose is soft edge profile that offers a gentle touch and also is more resistant to chips. It is one of the favourite edges for projects with a traditional style.
      • Ogee Edge: Ogee is considered a premium granite edge as its refined curvy edges bring an air of sophistication. It is often seen in more traditional homes, particularly kitchen islands